Traffic Contribution to Indonesia Internet (April 2016)

About 1.5 Years ago, i posted about Internet Traffic in our Data Center. Surprisingly demand for dedicated server and cloud is double from last 1.5 years.

Daily Traffic

Max In: 578.17Mb; Average In: 268.17Mb; Current In: 260.74Mb;
Max Out: 503.27Mb; Average Out: 75.69Mb; Current Out: 93.17Mb;

Weekly Traffic

Max In: 794.83Mb; Average In: 279.76Mb; Current In: 296.77Mb;
Max Out: 227.20Mb; Average Out: 75.19Mb; Current Out: 89.64Mb;

(for 2 Graphics above, In = Data going out from Our DC, Out = Data going in to our DC)

Good News is few months ago, we change our Backbone from 1Gbps to 10Gbps (Qwords Cyber 1, 3rd Floor to 1st Floor APJII) in order to fulfill performance.

And the result, we pass more than 200Mbps to APJII – Indonesia Internet Exchange Network

Daily Traffic to Apjii

Max In: 105.94Mb; Average In: 11.98Mb; Current In: 11.24Mb;
Max Out: 219.29Mb; Average Out: 117.28Mb; Current Out: 129.50Mb;

Here is Current Traffic to OpenIXP

Daily Traffic to OpenIXP

Max In: 27.58Mb; Average In: 11.08Mb; Current In: 7.45Mb;
Max Out: 69.71Mb; Average Out: 31.08Mb; Current Out: 28.10Mb;

(for 2 Graphics above, In = Going Inside our DC, Out = Going Outside Our DC)

Number of Servers today is around 300+, If you remember, in 2009, we only have 3 Servers (and 1 other customer server). So We plan to upgrade our AC to new one in MAY – JUNE 2016

This is AC Outdoor Size compare to man, the new AC outdoor size will exactly same size with that


That means we can put extra servers in our current DC, with higher density rack, and more power.

I Will update as soon as there is a good news regarding this Upgrade.

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