Qwords.com Indonesia Server c.a 2009

Qwords.com Server - 2009 - front face Qwords.com - Server 2009 - Back


Time Flies, ya, we run 3 Servers in Indonesia c.a 2009 (and around 12 server in USA), getting our 1st customer for co-location, this picture taken before we run out of the network (read : down) because the lack of switch capacity – that provided by data center [ yeah its sucks! and very HOT! we do not use that dc anymore : NEVER! ] – , need to move to 42U Rack from previously rented 20U Rack, and scale out to 1 – small room – home-brew owned data center @ Cyber Building

ah, the red one is Ferrari edition case by Enlight, i really love the design, i buy that case c.a 2003, cost about usd 120 – 150


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