Traffic Contribution to Indonesia Internet (End April 2016)

3 Weeks after my last post regarding Our Traffic, its grow very fast.

Traffic on 28 April 2016
Total Traffic on April 28, 2016, In = Out to Data Center, Out = Going inside Data center

Max In: 616.53Mb; Average In: 337.55Mb; Current In: 455.45Mb;
Max Out: 518.22Mb; Average Out: 81.92Mb; Current Out: 66.87Mb;

daily iix, 28 April 2016
Traffic to Indonesia Internet Exchange, April 28, 2016, In & Out = Normal Reading

Max In: 59.75Mb; Average In: 18.69Mb; Current In: 24.68Mb;
Max Out: 323.83Mb; Average Out: 199.53Mb; Current Out: 296.06Mb;